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Great News!

In response to the financial needs of cats owners across the Philippines, we have created BasmiCare™ program to help you save your cats.  We recommend in the Philippines to create crowdfunding donation campaigns that are open and transparent to raise fund for the treatment of feline infectious peritonitis.

Here is how it works:  

  1. Create a donation campaign on and open a wise account
    • Make sure you use the same email address for both websites
    • Set your goal/deadline short to claim funds immediately.
  2. Share your campaign with friends and family on social media
  3. Receive your collected funds at your wise account when your project ends OR you can email them to shorten your project and withdraw your funds. Make sure to cc us at [email protected] 
  4. Contact us at +63 9173271461 or basmifipph fb page or instagram to inform us of your purchase thorugh basmicare and fill out this form
  5. Place an order at equivalent to the amount on your campaign. You have 2 options for the payment:
    1. Wait for your funds in wise account and use it to pay.
    2. Pay the order while waiting for your donations to come in.
  6. For every vial you purchase from airfunding donations, you get another vial for free.

Want to know more about Basmi Care™ program, please write to us or message us on Facebook

Basmicare™ participants are not eligible for refunds.

Participants are responsible for their own projects in airfunding.

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